Polyurethane , commonly abbreviated PU, belong to the class of compounds called reaction polymers, which include epoxies, unsaturated polyesters and phenolics. The 100% polyurethane material offers four times more resistance to abrasion and greater resistance to breakage or traction compared to Hypalon® and much more resistant than PVC. Polyurethane fabrics have excellent welding properties.
Both rotary hot air / pressure welders and radio frequency welders can be used to join the material in a molten state, creating an incredibly strong bond: the combination of the elastomer The properties of urethane and the resilience properties of nylon allow the material to stretch repeatedly and still recover to show its original properties.
Polyurethane was originally manufactured in the early 70's as fuel bladders for helicopter fuel for military use and has proved to be the ideal material for boat pontoons.
A reality:
Polyurethane has an incredibly long life. They can withstand great mechanical forces.
The latest polyurethane fabrics produced by Chiorino (our Polyurethane supplier) show excellent resistance when exposed to sunlight (UV) and chemicals, even better than Hypalon®.
The polyurethane coated fabric used by Tornado is approved by SOLAS.
Polyurethane is the strongest air retention material available.
Easy to repair Polyurethane is less harmful to the environment, does not contain chlorine
Polyurethane is considered the best material for pontoons and is recommended for professional vessels.
It is currently used in vessels for military use.

" Tornado Boats International Ltd supplies rigid inflatable boats to a wide variety of government and commercial customers operating in the most extreme conditions, from below zero to equatorial.We chose to use Chiorino polyurethane for our tubes from the first day of manufacture.
This decision was based on having observed how Chiorino materials perform for many years in different environments and demanding use compared to competitive materials.
Our own experience has met expectations: the tubes show superior durability and still look like new after several years of severe use. Our welded seams are completely reliable, in the long term, no matter how high the ambient temperature, which is not always the case with glued seams. "

Lars Hjorth CEO Tornado Boats, Denmark